They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, But This is What They Didn’t Tell You

Personal Hygiene and the Body

57.Body Scrub – You should mix some salt and this oil, or you can add some other essential oil for a better smell as well, and rub your body. Afterward, wash the mixture off and your skin will be incredibly soft!

58.Bruises – It reduces redness and swelling, and thus accelerates the healing process. Apply it directly to the bruise.

59.Bug Bites – It accelerates the healing process, as it reduces the burning sensation, as well as itching. Therefore, apply it directly on the affected area.

60.Dandruff – Oil secretion may be one of the most common causes of dandruff. Coconut oil reduces it, as well as it moisturizes the scalp and alleviates the dandruff symptoms.

61.Burns – It promotes healing and prevents scars. Therefore, apply it immediately on the burn and continue using it until you solve the issue.

62.Swimmers Ear – Mic coconut and garlic oil and pour a few drops in the ear and leave them for 10 minutes. Repeat this method twice or three times a day, and you will solve the problem in a few days.

63.Skin Conditions – It provides relief in the case of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

64.Wrinkle Prevention and reduction – rub some coconut oil on the wrinkles and sagging skin, and you will strengthen the connective tissues and rejuvenate the skin.

65.Chapstick – Rub some coconut oil on your lips and it will soften them and protect them, as it has an SPF of about 4.

66.After Shave – Coconut oil successfully heals the skin after shaving and does not clog the pores.

67.Deodorant – You can use it as a deodorant, but it provides amazing effects when combined with baking soda and cornstarch/arrowroot powder.

68.Hair conditioner/ Deep Treatment – Apply a teaspoon of this oil to the ends and through the hair with the fingers, and use it as a leave-in hair conditioner. In order to use it as a deep treatment, rub in a tablespoon of this amazing oil onto the dry scalp and rub a bit in the hair ends and put a shower cap and leave it to act overnight.

69.Diaper Salve – It has no chemicals and it is great on a rashy bum, and completely safe for  cloth diapers.

70.Eye cream – At bedtime, apply some coconut oil on the eyelids. Moreover, in order to reduce wrinkles, bags and puffiness, apply it under the eyes.

71.Age Spots – In order to make it fade, apply some oil directly to the age spot.

72.Baldness – Mix thyme, rosemary, coconut oil, lavender, cedarwood, Grapeseed/ castor oil, a little cayenne pepper and jojoba oil. Apply this mixture at bedtime or three times during the day and massage the affected are, and it will support cell regeneration.

73.Face Wash/ Soap – Mix coconut oil with almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil in equal amounts and use the mixture to wash your face instead of your soap. Rub it in, leave it on the face in order to act for 2 minutes, wash it off and pat dry.

74.Hair Gel/ Defrizzer – Rub a bit coconut oil between the palms and finger comb, or in case, your hair is curly, scrunch into the hair on the ends.

76.Massage Oil – Just get some coconut oil and rub it, it is fantastic for massaging!

77.Healing – As soon as you apply coconut oil on the cuts and scrapes, it creates a thin chemical layer which prevents viruses, bacteria, and dust. It accelerates the healing process by repairing the damaged tissues and has an incredible smell.

78.Cradle Cap – It effectively nourishes the baby skin and helps you get rid of cradle cap. You should rub some into the scalp on a daily basis.

79.Nipple Cream – It nourishes sore, cracked and dry nipples. Apply some of the oil on a cotton ball and leave it on the affected areas between feedings.

80.Sunscreen – It has an SPF of around 4.

81.Pre-Shave – It will prepare the skin for the upcoming damage resulting from shaving.

82.Makeup Remover – Dab some coconut oil with a cotton swab and it will remove makeup and leave the skin soft and radiant!

83.Stretch Marks – This oil effectively nourishes damaged skin and miraculously reduces stretch marks.

84.Moisturizer – Apply some coconut oil on the body and it will moisturize it.

85.Sun Burn Relief – Rub some coconut oil into the affected areas and it will relieve the sunburnt skin.

86.Tattoo Healing and Moisturizer – The regular use of coconut oil will prevent fading of the pigment and it will accelerate the healing process and prevent infections.

87.Toothpaste – Mix some coconut oil with baking soda and brush your teeth with the mixture.

88. Acne Skin Fix – Apply a bit of coconut oil underneath the makeup or alone in order to reduce the stimulation of the oil gland. Usually, the skin which is susceptible to acne may be too dry and thus indicate that the gland excessively produces oil and the pores are clogged.

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